The Exotic Beauty of Palau

Palau Beauty

Leisure travelers are often attracted to the beach. Those living in colder regions almost always take a holiday in countries where they can enjoy much sunshine and get the tan they so desire at the beach, where else.

One popular beach destination that offers so much adventure in and out of the water is Palau. It is made up of more than 200 volcanic and coral islands and is known internationally for its white sandy beaches, rich marine life and thick forests.

This country which is part of Micronesia has among the world’s most spectacular diving and snorkeling sites. Many underwater enthusiasts who come to this place experience a different high as they get to explore the natural treasures beneath the sea from the coral reefs, hidden caves and tunnels, blue holes, wartime wrecks and rare sea creatures. Palau also has a lake that boasts of 21 million jellyfish that don’t sting.

To preserve its marine resources, the Palau government created the first shark sanctuary in the world in 2009. The goal is to stop any form of commercial shark fishing in its waters to save the species from extinction. Palau’s move was later followed by other nations such as the Bahamas, Maldives, Honduras and the Marshall Islands.

On land, the country has many places worth exploring as well. Visitors will see here beautiful exotic birds and wild plants and flowers some of which are native only in the place.

Places to Explore

The Rock Islands is where a green jungle exists. The entire island is totally covered by greenery which makes it an attraction to tourists. Crocodiles, fruit bats and different species of birds (kingfishers, reef herons, black noddies, white-tailed tropicbirds, cockatoos and parrots) can be found here.

People looking for a quiet place should not miss the Angaur island. Situated southwest of Peleliu, the place features small blowholes, sandy beaches but is already outside of the protective reef.

Peleliu is another small island worth visiting. Ravaged by war in the past, the place is now home to tropical birds and a thick jungle that shows no sign of damage brought about by the battles during World War II.

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