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Lanzarote Island

The island of Lanzarote is an ideal location for anyone seeking to escape the cold winter that has plagued Northern Europe so far this year.  And unless you do not know your geography it’s easy to see why, considering that the average temperatures early on in the season can still reach the mid twenties Celsius.  Thanks to Lanzarote´s location close to the coast of West Africa.

It’s not only holidaymakers that are enticed to these shores though.  Lanzarote also attracts quite a few real estate investors as well. The distinctive landscapes and year-round warm average temperature make Lanzarote in the Canary Islands the ultimate location for purchasing a holiday home. As the most easterly of the Canary Islands chain, Lanzarote is best-known for its marginal precipitation and moderate winters, and as a result Lanzarote property is very attractive to a wide range of investors hunting for first-rate returns or even just a home from home.  Creating a high level of demand for Lanzarote villas and apartments.

But regardless of whether you just simply need a quick break or a realistically low risk haven for your personal savings Lanzarote has an excellent choice of resorts.  With tourists able to choose from Playa Blanca, Costa Teguise and Puerto del Carmen.  As well as tons of holiday attractions and outdoor activities as well. With so much to offer hiring a car is unequivocally the most efficient way to see all there is to offer, but if you don’t like driving abroad then guided trips cover most of the main attractions too.

On the other hand there are plenty of sports to get your pulse racing, such as mountain biking (and yes there are some big peaks here) and diving.  Not to mention taking walks if you like to keep your feet on the ground.  Surfing is also very popular and Lanzarote is known as the Hawaii of Europe.

Lanzarote is also a very photogenic island and the light here is just incredible.  Making it a real haven for photography buffs too.  Thanks to the lack of industrialisation on the island and also its location.

Making your way to Lanzarote at the moment is comparatively easy, with a journey time of around four hours from UK airports.  There are plenty of cheap flights to Lanzarote available on the internet, via sites such as Skyscanner.  Tourists can expect to pay upwards of €100 for their journey to this slice of paradise!

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