4 Most Captivating Cultural Attractions in Beijing

The dense and smoggy city of Beijing is one of the most populous cities in the world. China’s northern inland capital is a bustling modern city with cutting-edge skyscrapers and malls that contrast with the rustic religious and cultural remnants of the past. Ensure that you delve into Beijing’s historical buildings and marvel at the city’s wonders.

The Temple of Heaven or Tiantan

This is a one of the most beautiful architectural sites in Beijing and an itinerary essential. The three-tiered religious building attracts both foreigners and local tourists since 1912. The Temple is a symbol of heaven and earth and was a place of worship for the Ming Dynasty’s emperors as they were deemed the ‘Son of Heaven’. You will be captivated by the elaborate entrance ways and colours featured on the building.

While in Beijing, marvel at the Forbidden City

The Forbidden City was also created for the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It took sixteen years to build this enormous complex for the Imperial family. Architecture-lovers will be delighted at the attention-to-detail and elegant eaves of the rooves and the vibrant red exteriors. You can literally spend hours enchanted by the World Heritage Site. Navigate your way through the swarm of crowds and hoards of tour groups and appreciate the grandiose building holding 8,707 rooms. The Forbidden City has beautiful lush gardens and water-features that are impeccably well kept and add the sheer opulence of the site.

Hutong alleyways

If you’re curious about daily life of Beijing’s locals in the dynasty periods, meander down the hutong alleyways built in accordance with feng shui. The fading rustic alleyways convey vignettes of the old-fashioned days. Many hutongs were built for the aristocracy during the Yuan period outside the Forbidden City in the quadrangle shape with courtyards. The character of the narrow alleyways carries a majestic energy that seems to be a world away from the steely exterior of daunting skyscrapers. You’ll see the true essence of local life around quaint bicycle shops and street vendors cooking snacks on the side of the street. Locals playing mahjong and cards crouch outside the shop windows will stare curiously at you as you wander past.

The Summer Palace

This is a pre-requisite for anyone planning to travel to Beijing. It was a tranquil haven for dynasty emperors and sits calmly on the Kunming Lake and was restored in the 19th century. It has also been home to important fragments of colonial history during the Second Opium War. Nowadays, it’s swarming with tourists enjoying the lush green parks on a summer’s day. You will relish the luxurious pagodas and bridges scattered around the grounds and of course the building itself.

Beijing is a fantastic destination with many significant and gracious sites that have moulded Chinese history. It promises memorable experiences for adventurous travellers.

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