About Us

Travel Places is your guide to everything related to travel. Be it famous destinations or small unknown places, if it is worth visiting, you will find information about it here. The site doesn’t speak exclusively about travel destinations either; it sheds light on all aspects of travel both from the traveler’s and the travel agent’s perspective.

We can help you chart out your entire holiday schedule. The site not only tells you about the probable destination but also lets you know what mode of transport you can use to get there. Travel Places is also aware of the different places that you can stay at depending on your budget. We also mention all the various sights that you can visit that will make your trip worthwhile. You will also find a mention of lesser known and offbeat stops that can make your experience, a unique one. It highlights where you can go sightseeing citing the best time to do so.

Food and shopping is another aspect of travel that Travel Places guides you on. We suggest the local cuisine of your travel destination as well its specialties; this allows you to get the best out of your trip.